dannydevitostoe: I know exactly what you're going through if you ever need to talk. I've suffered with depression and anxiety myself for several years, which may not have happened if I had sought out help sooner. My advice to you based on your post is to talk to your GP about possible therapy they can offer you (have you tried contacting 'Let's Talk-Wellbeing'?), and don't do anything like cutting yourself. While it may seem like it may help your situation, it will make you more miserable when you're in pain

Hi thanks for replying. Yeah I’ve been to my GP and she immediately tried pushing sertraline/Zoloft on me. I said I’d try counselling/cognitive behaviour therapy before I touched meds. My cognitive behaviour therapy didn’t work as that’s more focused on what’s going on in your life right now and my problems are based mainly in the past I think. If I do return to my GP I know it’s going to be for meds and I’m really anxious about meds.

Help :(

I’m not going to go into this much but things have gone bad for me recently. Culmination of things, you know. I’ve had some counselling but it’s not worked. I’ve been offered Zoloft but I’m very scared about taking these meds. I’ve had some dark thoughts that have gotten worse recently. I’m sick of being scared, anxious and down all the time. I’ve thought about killing myself quite a lot.

Thing is, I don’t want to die really, I don’t think so, if I did do something it would be a cry for help. No one in my family is taking my condition seriously. I do want to do something so the people around me notice and take me seriously. I’ve tried talking to them but it’s difficult and nothing changes afterwards anyway.

I don’t know what I should do to make a ‘mark’ on the people around me, know what I mean? :(